Creating and Publishing Web Pages Level ...

This course is for learners who are new to website creation. It is recommended for people who can use a grounding in website creation to further their education or employment opportunities. It covers a 'no code' approach which means you do not need to be a coder to work on websites.

£ 150.00

Introduction to Advanced Web Design Course Websites are now the digital shop front to any business. Most consumers expect businesses to be discoverable, explained online and easy to contact th ...

This Course include:
26 Chapters
1h 45m
Certificate of completion


Web design includes a grounding in HTML, CSS and some understanding of Javascript. HTML is for structure and layout of a website whilst CSS enables style. Javascript facilites interactivity. Together, they can create rich online experiences and user journeys. You will gain an awareness of user interface design and an understanding of digital user experiences. You will gain an introductory level of understanding of how modern web development takes place. You will see that coding is no longer a necessity when building websites, therefore you will need to make a professional choice as to what kind of website builder you want to be.

Learn how to manage expectations when your offering is online 24 hours a day. Understand the ecosystem of tools that enable businesses to operate on the internet.




  • An introduction to web design
  • The top down view of how to build and manage web pages
  • Understanding the purpose of HTML, CSS
  • Understanding the purpose of Javascript and website interactivity
  • How to choose technologies to build a website
  • Introduction to content management systems
  • How to host and manage a website and web domain
  • How to leverage a web presence for different types of businesses
  • An awareness of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • The ecosystem of tools to ease your workload