At ClassDNA, we help you leverage the benefits of the apprenticeship levy by becoming your one-stop partner in building a strong learning & development programme for your employees. From revamping existing company modules, to customising new, relevant ones from scratch, now give your staff access to leading university resources and comfortably launch fully-digital courses in your offices across the globe at no additional cost.


A Fuss-free Onboarding Process

Step 1

We offer consultation to identify courses that are highly marketable, sought-after and have the potential to be built into an apprenticeship programme

Step 2

We ensure your course material is aligned with the requisite skillset needed at top corporates

Step 3

We digitize all your course material on ClassDNA intuitive learning platform, improving its accessibility & consumption

Step 4

Once live, we provide you with analytical tools and metrics to help track student progress with an interactive UI/UX model


The ClassDNA Bonus


Leveraging the Apprenticeship Levy

Make your apprenticeship levy work for you by using it to avail powerful training modules for your staff that build their skillset and make them strong value-additions to your company.

Powerful Exposure through University Accredited Courses

Whether you opt to create a customised course module or choose to make pre-existing university courses accessible to your staff, your workforce gets powerful exposure through these university accredited courses that will strengthen the company's portfolio.


Globally Accessible Material

ClassDNA courses will not just be fully-digital, but also fully deployable across regions all over the world with UK residents given the additional benefit of an integrated mobile app.


Develop Custom Apprentice Programmes

Have a set of core subjects in mind? We can help you design them into sharp, value-driven courses to help with employee upskilling. Companies with a strength of 25+ can avail the ClassDNA edge of creating custom courses while we help you partner with a university of preference to accredit them.


The core benefits of customised courses


Top notch university affiliations enhance the value of your customized course and help employees across varied growth levels upskill with university certified degrees that add high value.

Digitised courses
= Better use of time

Employees get the advantage of growing from the comfort of the office / home VS travelling to universities.

Highly-skilled &
updated workforce

Customising courses and getting a university accreditation ensures a workforce that carries industry-relevant skillsets and benefits the overall internal functioning of the company.


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