Ravensbourne University and Studio Blup have brought together a team of educators and brilliant young creatives to jump start careers in digital design and demonstrate how to KICKSTART! A Brand, a Digital Campaign and Social Media Conversation.

There is a wealth of employment opportunities within the digital communication industries.Areas such as brand communication, digital storytelling, social media design and content marketing are all rapidly expanding – with employers desperate to find new talent. However, there are still lots of groups that are not currently represented within these industries, lots of people who have been failed by the school system and lots of people who may not understand how working in these industries might benefit them. KICKSTART! provides a second chance

How does it work?

KICKSTART! aims to move beyond the bullet pointed, ‘watch this film and you’ll know how to do this’ passive learning that is presented by many of our competitors. We want to KICKSTART! your creative career by enabling the deep understanding and the proactive mindset that we know is necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that our industries can provide. This means bringing together cutting-edge industry practitioners with experienced educators who will help unpack and open up their insight through tutorials, tasks and activities.

Each KICKSTART! Course has 12 steps or lessons to work through, which ask you to ‘Watch & Learn’, ‘Click & Discover’ and then ‘Test & Apply’. The content within each of these stages is designed to provide a learning experience that will introduce new ideas, provide starting points for further exploration and then allow you to apply this knowledge through practical activities.

Watch & Learn

These are short video tutorials and discussions with key professionals that will introduce key ideas and provide core understanding related to the career that the course is designed to KICKSTART! These films are accompanied by a step-by-step guide with prompts and questions that will deepen your knowledge and open up the ideas that are being introduced.

Click & Discover

These sections provide curated links to further reading, case study projects and online content that will help you extend your knowledge and confirm your understanding.

Test & Apply

KICKSTART! caters for different kinds of learners and provides two different ways for you to test your knowledge and validate what you’ve learnt. In this pilot, those wishing to work through the course quickly are provided with simple multiple-choice questions that test your basic understanding. As the platform develops, however, those who want to gain deeper knowledge and work towards an advanced understanding will be provided with a task that will provide the opportunity to apply what you’ve learnt creatively.

The Test allows you quick access to the next step and in future the opportunity to ‘Apply’ your knowledge will allow you to build up a portfolio of practical outcomes and get feedback on your progress.


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